my bae

my bae

Battle at Kruger, by Jim Vacca Facebook

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my band us ank’s brand new album bestof just came out! take a listen, and if you so please, have a download! thank you friends!

srry bout the bomba :(

so much truth in only forty tunes




"My first sex dream was with an alien when I was 10. It was pretty average. I didn’t really know the alien and it didn’t talk so I wasn’t too attached. My next dream about a month later was a lot more influential. 

I was stranded in a white padded room with no windows next to my hot baby-sitter. We were trying to find a way out when all of a sudden a bunch of tube-like robotic arms emerged from the walls and shackled all of our limbs. The robot arms lifted us into the air, stripped off all of our clothes and held us suspended in the air completely naked facing each other from about ten feet away. I fought desperately to break free but the robot arms were too strong. “Sorry Sophie, I dunno whats happening! Im not strong enough to defeat these robots!” I screamed to her. “Its okay Nick”, she said all calm and composed while suspended naked in mid air by robo-tentacles. Sophie smiled excitedly, “i’m glad that this is happening with you and not some other boy I babysit”. The robot arms brought our bodies towards each other and made us kiss. They rubbed our bodies gently onto each other and it was very romantic.

Over the next few months I thought about that situation quite frequently while sitting in class. At that age I couldn’t tell whether it was a happy dream or a terrifying nightmare. I concluded that it was a seductive nightmare. These songs are inspired by that. If you listen to this mix while going to sleep maybe you too will have a Seductive Nightmare